Sunday, April 15, 2012

Me on a sculpture of a horse

We saw these the first day we were here, they are 
the QUEENS HORSES from the Royal Mews(stables)

Me in front of Buckingham Palace 

The blue weird shaped buildings are were some of 
James Bond were filmed

The Tower of London

The London Eye

Hey, how are you??  We just got back from a long trip to London, England!  We had so much fun!  We saw the Tower of London, London Eye, Westminster Abby(were all the kings and queens of England have been crowned since ten hundred A.D.)  We took a two and a half hour bus tour on a double decker bus.  Every time we wanted to go up to our hotel room we had to climb like ten flights of stairs.  We also got to see St. Paul's Cathedral.  To get to the balcony you had to climb 230 something stairs.  Then you could climb another 100 stairs to get an outside view of London, you could see everything!  We had a great time in London, here are some pictures we took.

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